Friday, March 20, 2009

Program Digi Read.Action.Play (RAP)!!!

Well, dah hampir setahun dah... tp ZZ masih fresh lagi... ingat maser buat persembahan di merata2 tempat di Malaysia tuk program R.A.P anjuran digi... oK.. sebelum ZZ start, let me explain dulu ya. RAP ni bukan RAP jenis Point Blank @ Poetic Ammo @ Too Phat... (hahahah)... R.A.P here, stand for READ.ACTION. PLAY! yaaa! Ni satu program to improve English di kalangan budak2 seklah rendah! Well, to b honest, semenjak program ni, Azizi banyak studi english & "speaking"... HAHAHAHAH.. serious! no joke. The program teaches kids to use more english.. some more ngan cara sgt kreatif! (Sorry la.. ZZ tau,, english ZZ maseh kantoi... hahaha.. TAPI... atleast I try rite??? :P )

Okok... since program ni mmg stress the usage of english kan.. I try to use more neglish in dis posting.. but rojak a bit ya.. JGN MARAH! JGN KETAWANkn ZZ! hahahahaha!

Anyway, bud
ak2 kena baca satu buku, then, turn into script,... then guru2 ajar diowg tuk convert the script to drama yang pendek! REALLY CREATIVE! ZZ remember last time when I was skooling maser kat JB... I was into drama and all that. really fun to do that on stage... AND... use English. Semenjak RAP, ZZ pun terikut2... have to learn to speak more in English.. cos, mmg penting lak. (oh ya.. I'm learning a new English song.. hopefully I will be able to get it right and release it soon! hahaha)

Here are some of the video clips from last year's RAP! check them out!!! budak2 cam tu... blh act ngan HEBAT! :) They are also very funny! :) Check them out. Ni clip dari SK Syeksyen 20, Shah Alam. I think dey r da winners for RAP 2006.. and no.2 i think.. for 2008

Hebat right? Well, Azizi ngan Digi celebriteen2 yang lain spt Zenny, aCap & Benz travelled to Ipoh (Northern region finals) & Melaka (Southern region finals) and also kat PJ (Central Region Finals) tuk wat show....

RAP 08 Melaka: Maser Zenny, ZZ, aCap & Benz tengah nyanyi berkumpulan
kat R.A.P 08 di Melaka

RAP 08 Melaka: This is me doing a song written for ZZ, Nothing Less, by KRU

RAP 08 Ipoh: In this picture, v hv abg Baki & abg Alan..., abg Paul & kak Nicky (Digi)
without your support and encouragement, i dunno where I would be now.
once again, TERIMA KASEHHHHHHH!!!! :)

RAP 08 Ipoh: That;s abg baki holding to aCap... hahaha.. almost falling down! Fall down.. fell down? watever!!! :P
In Ipoh, I met up with many new fans/friends! :) THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ZZ ya! :)

Then, came the GRAND FINALS in DBP Hall @ KL. ZZ mmg happy, cause we performed to a BIG CROWD... macam koncert gegeriuh dah! hehehe. Here's some clips of our performances at the grand finals:

we sang "One Love".. a cover by BLUE!

Then we did a special FU-YOH! version of

This is our own single - SENTIASA!!!
Kalau suka.. download la sbg CALLERTUNE ataupun truetone yer!
(huhuhu - ader mase nak promote lg! :P kakakaka)

Well.. that's R.A.P 08 for Azizi. I'm honoured to b given the change tuk perform skali lg for RAP 2009... all over Malaysia again..Check out for info bout RAP2009...

OKIE.. teacher, if you r reading this, sorry ya.. I campur2 my english and BM skali gus. hahaha.. :P buhbye!!!

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andy tan said...

wow.. this is a great programme! they are so young and can really act!